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Once you create your new Microchat account, a 14-day trial period will start. During that time, you can test all the paid features that our premium plans offer. Once the trial expires, you can use Microchat with the free, Basic plan as long as you like.

Trial Period

The trial period lasts 14 days, during which you can test out all the features of our service. If you feel that you need more time to explore the features ofMicrochat, please contact us at, and we will extend your trial period. The remaining time will be shown in the upper-right corner of the Microchat panel.

You can also end the trial period, immediately switching your account to the free plan

What happens when the trial time expires?

Once the trial expires, you’ll get a pop-up window with a choice: either downgrade to the Delux plan and continue for free or subscribe to a paid package.

When the trial period expires – you will be asked whether you would like to upgrade your plan.


At Microchat, we do not show demos as we believe it does not show the real product behind it. Instead, we offer unlimited access to all the premium features for14 days during the Trial period.

If you would need some more time to test our system, send us a message through our chat or via email, and we will see what could be done about it 🙂

If you still have some questions for our team after reading this article, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Trial version

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