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How to Hide or Disable Chat

There are 2 ways in which you can hide the chat. In this article, we will explain how to hide the Microchat chat widget when you are offline and hide it permanently, regarding your status.

Hide the Chat when Offline

To hide the chat when you’re not available, go to Settings > Chat Setting and toggle OFF the appropriate option under Chat Setting.

Where you will find the “Display Chat While Offline” setting

Disable the chat permanently

In order to set the display options simply go to the Settings > Chat Setting section of the panel and then, Go to the Chat Visibility section.

  1. Both Desktop and Mobile – the chat will be displayed on every page of your website (on desktop and mobile devices).
  2. Desktop Only – the chat will be only visible to users who use their desktop computers.
  3. Mobile Only – the chat will be only visible to users who use their mobile devices.
  4. None/Hide – completely hides the chat widget for all of your visitors.

In order to disabled chat permanently, select None/Hide from Chat Visibility option and click on Saved. Now your chat widget on your website will not be displayed.

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