How to setup operating hours

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In this article, you will learn how to setup operating hours

You can enable and adjust the Operator’s Online hours that will switch between your offline and online statuses automatically at specified times.

How to find the Operating Hours section in your Microchat admin panel. Simply head over to the settings > Working Hours section

This setting works based on your current time zone that you’ve set up in your Microchat panel so, and please make sure the correct time zone is set up inside Profile Section.

In order to set up the hours when you are online – simply enable working hours and set the time you wish to be displayed online.

In order to delete the time frame and set up your account to be displayed as offline for the whole day – just unchecked that day you wish to go offline whole day.

Also, please remember that – if you would like to be actually ‘online’ within your Operating Hours – your MicroChat panel needs to be opened up or in case of the mobile app – running in the background.

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How to setup operating hours

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