What is Visitor Section?

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In this article, we will explain what kind of information you can find in the visitor section as well as how to make use of them. The visitor list feature allows you to browse and export contacts created on chat, filter them, and customize the list based on various properties. This feature is available on all plans, including the free, Basic one.

Export contacts

Click on Export to Excel you wish to export. You will see a window notifying you that the list is being generated.

Here it is – a Excel file with all your exported contacts and their properties!

Visitor Properties

  • Name – The name of the visitor from the pre-chat survey, or from the lead generation bot. It may be filled in with the email address if you only ask for a visitor’s email.
  • Email – The email address collected from the lead generation bot or from the pre-chat survey.
  • Status – Status will show you if users have subscribed to your mailing list while visiting your site..
  • Created – The time of the creation of this visitor, usually the first time they visit your website.
  • Action – It is an option from where you can either check the chat details or Delete the chat.

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What is Visitor Section?

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