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In this article, we explain how the live chat conversation panel at Microchat works. You’ll learn how to manage your conversations, see the visitor’s details, change between the channels, and more. Are you ready to become an expert in live chatting?


You can access the Microchat conversation section by clicking on the second icon (chatbot) in the left side Microchat menu bar.

If you would like to pick up the conversation – click on the system/web browser notification or choose a chat from the ‘Unassigned‘ column in the ‘conversations’ panel by clicking JOIN button.

The operator who assigned themselves to it be responsible for that chat. The next step is simply reading the visitor’s message, typing in your reply, and letting the conversation take its course.

Responding to Messages

You can respond to visitors by typing your message in the conversation window and hitting ‘enter’ on your keyboard. If you would like to send a file or a picture during a conversation, click on the paper clip icon and select the image or the file inside the chat’s conversation window.

Communication Channels

At Microchat, you can receive 2 types of messages in your conversations tab of the panel. A normal chat message and email. They all appear differently, and that is how you will be able to recognize them:

Chat Message

Every chat message will always have the ID assigned based on the first letter/email of the user’s name. While you are responding to the chat your choice should always be to respond via the ‘chat message’. This should be automatically set to reply via chat if the visitor is on your website.


Emails that you receive on your mailbox that is integrated with Microchat will appear with the blue envelope to specify that this is an email.You can choose to respond to those emails from the Microchat panel. That option is normally set to Email automatically when the visitor is offline but in case if you like to switch it yourself that is how it looks like. Make sure your address is updated on the email panel as the address will be showing up under each email communication.

Leaving the Conversation

Finally, when you consider the conversation finished, you can un-assign yourself from it by clicking on the ‘Leave Conversation‘ button located at the top of your panel.

This will trigger an option for customers to provide satisfaction survey about chat experience. Operator rating will be showing up under Report > Opertator tab.
For info about checking operator performance, please check article about it here.
If all operators have left the conversation, the next time the same visitor sends you a message, it will display in the ‘Unassigned‘ column, just like any other incoming chat.

All operators who are currently online will see the notification and will be able to jump right into the conversation.

Delete Conversations

Under development…

Information on the visitor

You will see a location map and basic info on your visitor in the upper-right corner of your conversation window. This part will display a name/email/ID, the visitor’s viewed pages, their browser version, operating system, and IP address.

Whenever a visitor considers the chat finished, it’s enough to minimize the widget. When they open the chat widget again, the conversation will be visible for them right where you left off. The chat will stay in the active conversations panel for the operator until they unassign themself from it. To unassign – click the ‘Leave conversation‘ button in the upper part of the chat window, next to the visitor’s name.

If you still have some questions for our team after reading this article, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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