Customize Your Chat Setting

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In this article, you will learn how to customize your Chat widget  that is visible on your website. 

  • The ‘New’ Widget 
  • Sidebar
  • Chat Page

At our Microchat App you can choose, edit and use these three chat widgets:

New Widget:

If you would like to customize the ‘New’ Chat Widget, you can do that by going to Settings >Appearance section located on the left side in your Microchat panel  > Setting> Appearance  > Widget appearance. 

                                                            How to find the chat’s widget settings 

Widget Settings

Changes that you can make in the ‘widget appearance’ are based on your preferences on how you want the chat widget to be presented on your website.

You can adjust your chat widget to your needs in the ‘Widget Appearance’ section

What can I change in the Widget Appearance?

In the ‘Widget Appearance‘ section, you can find and edit the following information:

  • Background Color – allows you to change the color of your chat’s widget
  • Widget Style – an option to choose where the widget will be displayed; Full Page or Embed 


Chat Setting:

Here is the instruction how to customize Chat Setting

  • Login to the Microchat Application
  • Click on Setting button form side menu
  • Click on Chat Setting as shown in the image

  • You can customize Chat Setting from here.

What can I change in the Chat Setting?

  • Enable Notification Sound – it allows notification sound when someone send message from chat widget
  • Chat Heading Text – Allow us to change heading text of chat widget
  • Chat Visibility– Where the widget will be displayed  ( Desktop only, Mobile only, Both Desktop and Mobile, or None/Hide where you can  hide the widget temporarily)
  • Send Offline Email while offline – it will send offline email in case of offline
  • Display chat while offline –  It will display chat widget while offline
  • Prechat Question – 
  • Question – It will display question to every customer before starting the chat
  • Field Requirement– It allows us to ask email and message from every customer before starting the chat
  • Newsletter Signup– It allows customer to signup with the newsletter


If you still have some questions for our team after reading this article, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Customize Your Chat Setting

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