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In this article, you will learn everything about offline mode. We will explain how does it work, how to activate it easily and how to manage incoming conversations when you’re offline.

How your website’s visitors will see the Offline widget?

How the MicroChat widget looks when you are Offline

We have designed the change of widget appearance to meet the expectations of your website visitors when your status is ‘offline. Firstly, the offline bar appears at the top widget when someone opens it, allowing you to set a brief message to inform your customers that you are away, or when they can expect a reply.

An offline message will also trigger when any of your visitors attempt to initiate a conversation, asking them to leave their email address and questions so you can follow up on their query when you return. That helps to ensure that the website’s visitors will always see an answer from you!

You can personalize both the offline message and Offline confirmation message to your liking by going to Settings > Offline Setting in your MicroChat Panel.

Changing your status to Offline

There are several ways of changing your status, let’s go through all of them!

  • Change Offline status manually on the Desktop
  • Change Offline status manually on the Mobile
  • Operating Hours – change statuses automatically

Change Offline status manually on the Desktop

In MicroChat, changing your chat from online to offline is as simple as logging all of your operators out from the MicroChat Panel, or changing their status from “Online” to “Offline”. To do so, click your name or picture at the top-right corner of the panel and choose an appropriate option from the expandable menu below:

You can change your status by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner of the MicroChat Panel

Change Offline status manually on the Mobile

Operating Hours – change statuses automatically

You can enable and adjust the Operator’s Online hours that will switch between your offline and online statuses automatically at specified times.

How to find the Working Hours section in your MicroChat admin panel. Simply head over to the settings > WorkingHours section

This setting works based on your current time zone that you’ve set up in your MicroChat panel so, and please make sure the correct time zone is set up inside Settings>Profile section.

Edit offline status and message

You can do that in the Settings > Offline Setting>Offline Message & Offline confirmation message section of your MicroChat panel.

Offline Email Notifications

You can also configure MicroChat to forward notifications to your email inbox when your chat is offline, that way you never miss out on a potentially urgent query. To enable that, simply navigate to Settings > Chat Setting and turn on the option below:

The Email Notification is sent 5 minutes after the last received message in the chat by the visitor.

Hide Widget when you are Offline

Some of you may not want to receive messages when you are unavailable, so we have catered to your needs as well by giving you the option to hide the widget completely. Just go to Settings > Chat Setting and make sure the toggle next to the ‘Display Chat While Offline’ is turned off

You can turn off the chat on your website when you are offline in your MicroChat panel

If you still have some questions for our team after reading this article, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Offline setting

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